Zinc Ointment

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Zinc Ointment

Cream to care for cracked and callous skin

Schopf’s Zinc Ointment is a care product specifically developed for sensitive skin. Valuable ingredients, such as zinc, safflower oil, beeswax, St John’s wort oil, arnica, allantoin, and glycerine, promote the preservation or restoration of soft and fine skin. A caring and protective coating keeps the skin sustainably safe from environmental agents. The ointment can be easily spread and is readily absorbed by the skin. It also reduces the effect of callous formation and is applied, e.g., on the feet, hands, elbows, etc. Its effect can be observed as early as after a few days.

Before using biocides, safety first – carefully read the hazard identification and the product description.

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Allantoin, Arnica Oil, Safflower oil, St John’s wort oil

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