Treatment Shower

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Treatment Shower

Treatment shower for application to entire herd or individual animal
All-purpose, for cattle, pigs, etc.
Very practical handling with shut-off/dosing valve

Connect the shower hose to a water tap. As soon as the valve opens, the concentrate is dosed automatically into the water. The removable concentrate tank can be filled with 100 ml, which is sufficient for approx. 15 l of water. Applying the intended product to the animal as a water spray or mist achieves the best possible dispersion of the ingredients on the skin and on or under the coat.

Area of Application:
Bite Stop Concentrate to knock out smells in order to avoid pig cannibalism

Before using biocides, safety first – carefully read the hazard identification and the product description.

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1 unit | Order-No.: 301355, 1 unit | Order-No.: 301355