Ratzia Wheat bait

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Ratzia Wheat bait

Ready-to-use bait as full grains

Ratzia wheat bait is a finished product for controlling rodents in warehouses and store-rooms, on farms, in the household, outdoors and on waste disposal sites. The active agent bromadiolon is an alternative to the active agent brodifacoum. Bromadiolon kills, without warning mates of the target or or making them suspicious.

Set up bait locations directly along passageways, in hiding places, along walls and undermeath stone heaps. Set up a sufficient number of bait locations. Ideally, the bait should be placed in dedicated box. Place 50 – 100 g of bait per location. The bait can also be placed in 10 cm diameter pipes, 50 – 80 cm long. Make sure that the bait is out fo the reach of children and pets. Check the bait locations and replace the bait until no further consumption is observed.

For professional use and/or users aware of the risks and the methods of prevention (farmer). The solid bait Bromadiolon is approved for use in the following areas: in and around buildings, on waste landfills, outdoors in the open, in drains/sewers.

Before using biocides, safety first – carefully read the hazard identification and the product description.

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