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Liquid disinfectant for veterinary application to control viruses and bacteria

Tested for H5N1 avian influenza virus

Prophygrippal is a surface disinfectant for spray application that
reduces microbial load by controlling viruses and bacteria.
Prophygrippal denies microbial pathogens the growht base they need,
neutralises smelly odours.
Prophygrippal successfully reduces the load demonstrably, thereby 
considerably improving the interior climate of the building. It also supports the natural defences.

Apply Prophygrippal in a fine mist in the stable and above the surfaces. Do not direct towards humans, animals or hot surfaces (light bulbs, UV spotlights). In the cold season, apply twice a day.
First application: 3 – 4 times a day.

Before using biocides, safety first – carefully read the hazard identification and the product description.

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50 g/l Formic Acid


GHS02, GHS07


1000 ml bottle | Order-Nr. 310007, 200 ml bottle | Order-Nr. 310105