Milben Xpert

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MB Xpert

Spray-on concentrate for targeted Red Mite control

Milben Xpert is a highly powerful carbamate-base mite control product, specifically targeting the Red Mite in housings for poultry, pigs and cattle. Milben Xpert is effective by contact and lasts up to 10 weeks. Its biocidal effect makes itself felt after approx. 120 min.

  • Dosage very easy with the included spoon
  • Effective in case of resistance to pyrethroids
  • Photostable, not absorbed on porous surface
  • Inodorous, no noteworthy adverse effects on the surface

Stirring thoroughly dilute concentrate in water. Spray this usage solution onto surface and equipments in the stable, e.g. laying rows, cages, etc. If infestation is heavy, increase concentration per chart below. When treating poultry houses, it is indispensable to include manure belts, manure pits, and similar areas in the treatment. Depending on effectiveness repeat treatment after 5 – 8 days.

Concentration Chart
Milben Xpert + Water = sufficient for
15 g = approx. 2 spoonfuls 10 l 100 m²
300 g 200 l 2000 m²

When using biocides, safety first – carefully read the hazard identification and the product description.

Additional information

active substance:

800 g/kg Bendiocarb

GHS labels:

GHS06, GHS09

Signal word::


hazard statements:

EUH208 Contains permethrin, géraniol. May produce an allergic reaction, H300 + H330 Fatal if swallowed or if inhaled, H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects




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