LD 100 I

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LD 100 I

Spray-on stable fly control concentrate

LD 100 I
 is an Imidacloprid-base fly control concentrate. Spraying, but also painting, LD 100 I in a targeted way onto the spots where flies are results in long-term effectiveness up to 4 weeks in housings for cattle, pigs, and laying hens.

  • Fast acting after ingestion
  • No known resistances
  • Colourless, no stains
  • Inodorous at application

By alternating active substances with our other LD 100 products, resistances will be avoided.

LD 100 I (500 g) = 4 litres of usage solution = sufficient for barns of up to 300 m²

Before using biocides, safety first – carefully read the hazard identification and the product description.

Additional information

active substance:

100 g/ kg Imidacloprid

GHS labels:


Signal word::

not applicable

hazard statements:

H410 Very toxic to aquatic life with long-lasting effects


500 g box | Order-No.: 302052