Dip es oxy-active

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Dip es oxy-active

Activator for 2-component dip Dip es oxy-film a or Dip es oxy-spray


  • 2-component dip
  • high-caring agents
  • liquid

Dip es oxy-actives is the activating agent for the 2-component-dip Dip es oxy-film or Dip es oxy-spray a and forms together with one of these products a chlordioxid containing, film-forming or spray-able dip solution with disinfecting properties and high quality caring agents.

Give Dip es oxy-film or Dip es oxy-spray to Dip es oxy-active in equal quantities. Mix intensively until the color is homogeneously blue. The product is without contamination up to 12 hours at its maximum disinfecting efficacy. No with drawal period.

When using biocides, safety first – carefully read the hazard identification and the product description.

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